Reviews add to the community

As some of you may have noticed, we’re really encouraging reviews on MakeFive these days. It’s great to see what someone has picked, and it’s even more interesting to know why. This is particularly nice when it comes to attractions, restaurants, movies, et cetera. Reviews have the potential to make the community stronger and more interesting because they are about what you think.

As an incentive, we’re currently giving out 50 karma points for every review. We figure that it’s a fair number given the time it takes to write a good review of something. Unfortunately, some have figured this out, and are just inserting any content they can find in order to collect the points. For example, we’re finding a lot of wikipedia descriptions being used for reviews. This sort of sucks and certainly doesn’t do anything for the community.

Ripped content breaks the one rule of the contest, which is, “Don’t post junk.” As such, we have to wipe points in such instances. That being said, for most of you this isn’t an issue. You’re adding reviews where you have something to say, and we love that.  :-)

Have a great weekend!

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  • It would help if you clarify what is “review” material, vs that which properly belongs in ‘description”. Thanks!

  • Ultimately, a review should be a personal rational for why one has made their choice. A description should be more informational in nature.

    That being said, MakeFive is user-generated. As such, we can put anything in place, but the way its used tends to be more organic. Some will use these fields differently–that’s okay with us.