Speak up and win cash, sucka!

Sometimes the notion of giving away money seems like fun. (Well, at least we figure that’s how it must feel.) Regardless, it’s a crappy Monday afternoon, the rain is coming down in buckets, and we want to mix things up a little.

Some of you folks are really active here, and we greatly appreciate that. You see, the more active you are, the more content there is. As the content level and activity rise, the closer we are to quitting our “day jobs” and working on MakeFive all day long. (This would be, in a word: awesome.)

So, here’s the deal. As an added bonus, every Friday we’ll be giving away $100 to the person who has accumulated the most points here on MakeFive. The rules are simple: don’t post shitty content. Outside of that, the sky’s the limit. Make fun lists, start great topics, and engage in a little debate. What the heck? You might even take home a little extra beer money as a result!

(If you’d like more details, you can find them here.)

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  • I just love this cork board look! Keep up the clean design and silly commentary – it does make for good distraction!

  • We do try–we think MakeFive works nicely as a little break from an otherwise busy day! :-)

  • Can you tell me how to get less of you in my inbox, but not get rid of ALL of you? I’d like to stop receiving so much, but I don’t want to deactivate my account. Thanks :P

  • Hi Aja,

    Sorry to hear that we’re sending you more email than you want to receive. We’ve been really careful about this, as we don’t want to be a burden. At the same time, we don’t want anyone to miss out on key notifications.

    You can always reduce the amount of email you receive, by logging-in and clicking on “Me” and then “Profile”. Just select “Edit” and in the right column you’ll find a drop-down menu that allows you to select the frequency of email updates.

    If you don’t want any more updates on topics you are “watching”, you can “unwatch” them by clicking on “Me”, then “Lists” and finally “Watched”. From here you can delete any of the ones you don’t want updates on.

    We know that this is still a really cumbersome way to manage these settings and do have a better system in the works. That being said, there are only two of us here, so it takes a while to get to all of the things we want to improve. :-)



  • Cork board? I thought it was brown rice. Too much time in the kitchen, or hungry at the keyboard or something…