February brings a new “Queen of MakeFive”

So… February has come to a close, as has our first month of weekly winners on MakeFive. It’s been an interesting experiment to date, and we’re pretty happy with the results.

For those of you who are new to the site, a little background. Up until recently, the “What do you know?” contest was running on a monthly basis with a larger prize up for grabs, but this model seemed to be broken. We were seeing a great deal of activity at the start of the month, so that people could gain a strong lead, and then activity would drop-off through the middle of the month. By the last week, we’d see a storm of activity by one or two users, who would collect tens of thousands of points, just to win the iPod.

Generally, the large blocks of activity were fine. That being said, in the rush to “win”, some of the additions turned into pure crap. (We kept scratching our heads with this one–an iPod only costs $200. Why was it making people so crazy?)

Many of the regular users sent us long pleas, requesting that we end the contest or at very least kill the iPod. We finally did so, and some interesting things happened

First of all, the amount of content created was almost the same as any month with the iPod as proverbial carrot dangling in front of the community. That being said, the topics and voting seemed to become spread-out more evenly over the course of the month.

Although JonathanB won in the first week, plmiller seemed to become the new reigning queen of MakeFive, taking home a t-shirt for three weeks in a row. Curiously, she sent us an email noting that she thought she should curtail her MakeFive activity, so that others could also win. (Don’t slow-down Peggy–you’ve added a lot of great content as of late.)

To our surprise, no one has complained about the contest changing. In fact, the whole discussion around it seems to have fallen in to what we think is its proper place. Now, it seems like the topics and content have taken center stage, with the contest being what it was always supposed to be: a fun part of it, but not the whole point.

The content is becoming more engaging, the discussions are getting better, and plmiller can wear a fresh MakeFive t-shirt every two days (assuming that she does laundry once a week.)

Happy trails gang!

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  • I hope I haven’t scared everyone away. Maybe it is just a week when nobody has much free time…

  • MakeFive goes in waves; some weeks are frantic, while others are relaxed. In our minds, you should just keep posting what you like. As long as the topics and content are good, everyone wins. :-)

  • This is the first time i have had any time to look at the site. I miss free time.

    I guess i was the last to win the iPod, which was pretty sweet. Yeah i love the weekly contest i never really gave a damn about the contest as much as i liked the whole concept of choosing my top five things. What happened to webdesign?