January winners announced and the iPod is dead and done

That’s right; the January numbers are in, and we have our winners:

1. ryankoziel (38,374 points)
2. joshwritescopy (25,720 points)
3. webdesign (17,808 points)
4. DGfromMTL (12,267 points)
5. dantes_inferno2003 (12,265 points)

For all of you in the top five, your prizes will be in the mail shortly. For those of you who still haven’t received winnings from last month, you have only me to blame. I’ve been really bad about getting them in the mail. (Sorry. I’ll have your stuff out to you pronto.)

You’ll note some pretty high scores this month. This comes down to our perpetual tweaking of the contest. Content creators now gain the most points, particularly for adding photos and reviews. So, don’t just vote; share why you’ve made your selections!

This leads to the biggest change we’ve made to the contest in a while. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, we typically have a few users that “break from the pack” early in the month which makes it difficult for new users to have any chance of catching up. To remedy this, we’re going to try running the contest on a weekly basis instead. This should level things out a bit, and give everyone something to do each Friday afternoon :-)

Unfortunately we can’t afford to send out $1,000 in iPods every month, so instead the person with the most points gets a shirt and bragging rights. We’ll see how this works and tweak as necessary.

As always, we’re hard at work to make this a better and more enjoyable site for you. Stay warm and have a February!


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  • If you said “have a February” on purpose you are my hero. If you said it by accident, we are now mortal enemies.

  • What kind of February were you in the market for? There are few good ones, and wishing a bad one on someone seems plain mean. As such, you get February and that’s it.