I want my MakeFive Tee Vee…

A couple of weeks back, it struck me that a little podcast might be a nice way to better connect all of us. So, Eric Shelkie and I met down over a REALLY strong espresso at Caffè Artigiano and I frothed at the mouth about the idea. (I do this a lot.) Later that week, we coerced Devin into bringing in his video-camera, and we started to cobble something together.

And here it is: the first MakeFive.tv podcast. It’s not quite as good as “Entourage” or “My Name is Earl“, but we think it has the potential to be sort of fun. In it we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re working on; we’ll get out on the street and talk to people about their top fives; and, we’ll be featuring your topics and contributions. So, add interesting stuff! We’ll start featuring the best topics in upcoming editions.

We’ll try to upload something new every couple of weeks, and if you have ideas on what you’d like to see, or questions you’d like to answer on the show, please make note of them here. As with everything at MakeFive, it’s about your community. Bookmark this: www.makefive.tv

In addition feel free to download the podcast file for your iPhone or iPod.

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  • i love you guys…

  • Always cool to see the nuts and bolts of the operation. Not many things better then a really dark espresso, in fact Im sure ill post a list about that at some point if it does not already exist. Always hunting for the best quality beans!

  • Thanks guys–glad you liked it, and happy to share what it’s like around here. :-)

    The next ones should be fun. I think we’ll try to get out and talk to random people more, and introduce some impromptu contests and such.


  • Looking forward to all :)

  • Look at Devin typing extremely quickly!!!

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